Monday, August 21, 2017

How to set up Group-Me (& limit notifications)

Step 1: Download the app from the app store.

Step 2: Sign up.

They will want an email & password - kind of login.

Step 3: give them your phone number

(they won't spam you.)

When you do this, it should stop sending you text messages and just limit communication to the app.

Step 4: what do you want to do from here? click to what applies.

Make all notifications for this app vibration only

Mute all notifications for certain groups

limit app to vibration notifications

Assuming you have downloaded the app, logged in, and are part of the "parent updates" group, here is how you limit it to vibration notifications:

1) go to settings on your iphone

2)go to "notifications"

3) scroll down to "group me" and tap it.

4) switch off "sounds". Boom. you did it.